#14 activisions

spring season 2024

Which ways forward might start to show themselves when we tackle the challenges and injustices of today?

Across six evenings and many more films, we will see, hear, feel and discuss different shapes of being active for a reason beyond one’s own interest. Our aim is to expand our understanding of activism beyond explicit political organizing and look for where struggles intersect: In the economic reality of trash pickers in mountains of waste, in the performance of queer people shouting out for the protection of the earth, in the claiming of space for the poor when capitalists seek to make profit from every square meter, in the (re)establishment of a connection with rivers as living beings just as much as humans, in the work on trauma with asylum seekers who are denied access to a new place to live safely, and in many more corners in which filmmakers have dared to look and sense.

In the discussions following the film screenings, we aim to give space to questions such as: Why do you (not) consider yourself an activist? What makes you identify as an activist? How can activism be performed sustainably? What visions do activists carry - what visions do we all carry, and how do we put them into action in our everyday lives?


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