#13 resistance

autumn season 2023

the liminal.

blurry, transitions, ex-change, stories, people, things, in a world, classifications, hierarchies, walls, must reverse, resist, transform, experiment, curate, films.

Liminality is a transgressive space. It flows, taking shape in passing. It dissipates.

We picked up on this meaning when we created ciné liminal – a collective of anthropology students doing pop-up screenings of films that question the existing social order.

Leaving our former name Ethno?Kino Seasons behind in 2022, this season marks the second round in our new outfit. We will keep screening films at Kino in der Reitschule, always followed by open discussions with the filmmaker, as usual. Free and open to everybody.

autumn season 2023: RESISTANCE.

This season is about resistance, through music, foraging, and more, by naming and articulating My existence in My own language. It is about re-appropriating alternative histories, Our history that has been ignored or treated as less important. We will watch films that are about reclaiming one’s own existence within the Turkish diaspora in Germany; as a person of colour in Switzerland; or, by denouncing the absence of a class discourse in this same country; as a Palestinian picking wild plants along the Israeli border zone; and, as an indigenous person seeking for self-expression in Brazil.

This season we also invite you to come and screen your RESISTANCE-film at the Open Stage event.

graphics by Anuschka Berger (keine/they)


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