shorts + opening event



Kino Reitschule

On Thursday March 16, 19:00 (Doors: 18:30) we are opening ciné liminal (previously EthnoKino Seasons) with a short film night!

PROGRAM: We will screen and discuss six essay- and documentary-films by young filmmakers, all of them social/visual anthropology students from different universities. All times and films are listed below.

FOUNDING EVENT: We are also excited to introduce our new name to you and to celebrate some transformations, in-betweens and new beginnings all together! So join us for some Prosecco and a music video party after the screenings!

Torsions et Croisements

Olivia Bianchi, Vanesa Bijelic, Céleste Leu | CH | 2022 | 7min

"Twistings and Crossings" portraits Anita and Marianne, two women who have been practicing the local craft of lace making from the french speaking swiss canton of Neuchâtel for a better part of their lives. They are inviting us into their homes, sharing, explaining and demonstrating to the audience their passion for this particular form of art and the affection that grew between them through making « neuchâteloise ».


Paloma Gude; Filippo Bozzini; Nimal Bourloud | CH | 2022 | 9min

“Collected, catalogued, and categorized. Sorted and stored. To be displayed in a wooden cabinet or left in the dark to slumber. But can you really contain a spirit or ghost? The present will always be haunted”. Produced during the CAV Summer School Beyond Observational Cinema, Ghosted explores the imaginaries around objects in the ethnographic museum of Neuchâtel as well as the haunting colonial past of the city in general.


Salomé Alvarez, Adamma Ezeanyika, Julia Lanz CH | 2022 | 7min

The short film 'Julie' was realized during 3 days of CAV Summer School 2022. It is an attempt to explore the intimate relationship between Julie and her plants, while raising the discussion of whether plants should be perceived as living beings or as objects. Inspired by sensory ethnography, the film showcases the ties between texture, sound and memory by also appealing to our own senses and memories.


Elisa Faes, Lou Gfeller, Moe Renfer | CH | 2023 | 28min

A gamekeeper takes care of everything that comes up in his town and the surrounding countryside.

Vom Leben und leben lassen

Julia Lanz | CH | 2022 | 12min

In 'Vom Leben und leben lassen' Julia Lanz accompanies her grandfather during the difficult time of moving to a nursing home. In doing so, she explores the different perspectives and perceptions of such a big decision. In an essayistic approach, she creates a dialogue between her grandfather’s point of view and her own, and thus also that of her uncle and father.

Lyrische Lichamen (Lyrical Bodies)

Vera Kruip | NL | 2023 | 33min

Lyrical Bodies follows visual anthropologist Vera Kruip as she joined the Dutch post-punk band Shaemless on tour to learn about how men ‘do their emotions’. The growing awareness of a discrepancy between Kruips’ personal way of emotional engagement – through verbalisation – and her male interlocutors' emotional habits became the film's red thread. Radical reflexivity helped her show how people can ‘do’ their emotions differently. Her characters, she concludes, do not need to be sensitised as emotional beings as a huge body of literature on the ‘emotional illiteracy’ of men suggests. Instead, she argues, that their emotional lives need to be studied on their own emotional terms.

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