Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm – Liebe, D-Mark und Tod



Kino Reitschule

Cem Kaya | 2022 | Deutschland | 99 min | Deutsch, Türkisch, Englisch

LOVE, DEUTSCHMARKS AND DEATH tells the story of the independent and largely unknown music of immigrants from Turkey and their children and grandchildren in Germany in a very lively way, full of rhythm. In the form of a documentary essay, director Cem Kaya takes his viewers into a dazzling universe of musical diversity. In a cinematic experience of the highest sound quality, he brings the energy and spirit of those years to life. E.g., the stage shows of the eccentric folk duo Derdiyoklar at a wedding with thousands of guests in a multi-purpose hall redecorated as a festival hall somewhere in the Ruhr region: melancholic, but danceable, political, but cheerful, larmoyant in expression, but sincere.

instagram: @cineliminal
website: www.cineliminal.ch