Indigenous Resistance in Brazil



Kino Reitschule

On the 25th of May we are focusing on indigenous resistance in Brazil in collaboration with the "Society for threatened Peoples". We will screen and discuss three films about indigenous peoples in different geographical contexts within Brazil, having in common the struggle for their territory, the protection of nature and human rights. The evening is structured in two blocs, doors 18:00.

18:30 Bloc 1

THREATENED TAPAJÓS - presented by the Society for Threatened Peoples
Thomaz Pedro | BR | 2021  | 24’

Indigenous people talk about the exploitation of the Amazon and the impact that agro industry and mining has on their lives. They also discuss the planned infrastructure projects in the Tapajós, for example the Ferrogrão railroad and the Tapajós water projects. These are intended to transport grain such as soy abroad even faster and cheaper - at  the expense of the rainforest and the indigenous communities' wellbeing.

The Society for Threatened Peoples supports indigenous communities in Brazil in the struggle for their territories, in their effort for self-determination and in the observance of human rights. They produced the film Threatened Tapajós and Julia Büsser, the “Amazonas” campaign manager who was involved in the production, will give us more insights into their work and the making of the film.

19:30 Bloc 2

SETE QUEDAS / WATERFALL SOULS (international premiere)
Hidalgo Romero and Rica Saito | BR | 2022 | 15’

According to the Avá-Guarani cosmology, after death there are only two sacred places that lead them to heaven. These two places are connected by an artifificial lake, filled by the construction of a huge hydroelectric.

Laura Faerman and Marina Weis | BR | 2022 | 77’

At the heart of Brazilian agribusiness, Indigenous teacher Alenir Aquino fights for her communitys right to their ancestral lands. On the opposite side of this dispute is the heiress of these lands - Luana Ruiz, a powerful anti-indigenous lawyer.

Ca. 21:15: Q&A with the online presence of the filmmakers Hidalgo Romero and Marina Weis and, if the Internet connection allows, indigenous leader and activist Alenir Aquino.

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