A Taste of Hope + Horror in the Andes



Kino Reitschule

A Taste of Hope

(Laura Coppens | FR / CH | 2019 | 71 min)

In 2010, Unilever announced the closure of a tea processing and packaging factory in southern France. After three years of resistance, the workers took over the factory and have since then been producing under self-management. Filmmaker Laura Coppens accompanied them in their daily struggles and attempt to turn an utopia into reality.

Horror in the Andes

(Martha Cecilia-Dietrich | Peru, UK, CH | 2019 | 33 min)

Horror in the Andes follows three local filmmakers during the making of a horror film in Ayacucho, Peru. They use the codes and conventions of horror film to revive the pre-colonial past and dedicate themselves to creating a cinema for their local community.

Discussion with Laura Coppens and Martha Cecilia Dietrich after the screening.

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