ciné liminal takes place in Kino in der Reitschule, Neubrückstrasse 8, 3007 Bern: LINK (Google Maps). it's your first time? check informations below!


regular screenings take place on thursdays and start at 19:30. doors open at 19:00. the bar is open before and after the screenings. please check event pages / instagram to be sure.


kino in der reitschule is barrier-free accessible. there are paving stones and some small thresholds on the way to the cinema.

costs / tickets

no fixed entrance fee. you pay as much as you like and support the screenings with a voluntary "kollekte". however, we also need some support to pay screening fees, train tickets, graphics, meals for guests and so on. if you can, please support us with 10CHF+ for your entrance. cash only!


our regular film screenings and discussions are english-friendly. films are usually shown in their original language version with english subtitles. why? some collective members don't speak german. however we can also translate discussions if you ask!

guide / assistance

you would like to visit our events but it's your first visit and/or you would like some additional asistance? please write to hello(at) we can for example meet you at the main entrance to Kulturzentrum Reitschule (Parkplatz Schützenmatte).